Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

choker, Solid Brass And Black Onyx Egyptian Scroll Swirl Necklace Choker Handcrafted Metalwork Cleopatra



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Handcrafted swirlSolid swirlBrass swirl& swirlBlack swirlOnyx swirlSwirl swirlEgyptian swirlScroll swirlNecklace swirlWith swirlA swirlTextured swirlFinish. swirlThis swirlpiece swirl swirlis swirlvery swirlversatile, swirlcan swirlbe swirlworn swirlhigh swirlon swirlthe swirlneck swirlor swirlas swirllow swirlas swirla swirl21 swirlinch swirlnecklace.Adjustable swirlFrom swirl15 swirlInches swirlto swirl21 swirlInches swirlLong swirlx swirl7/8 swirlOf swirlAn swirlInch swirlWide. swirlThe swirlOnyx swirlPendant swirlMeasures swirl1 swirl1/4 swirlInches swirlx swirl6/8 swirlOf swirlAn swirlInch.To swirlview swirlall swirlmy swirlitems: swirlhttp://www./shop/TwistsOnWire

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