Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

glass and silver, Lime lovely earrings



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Lime flower earringslovely flower earringsearrings flower earringsare flower earringscute flower earringslittle flower earringsglass flower earringslime flower earringscoloured flower earringsflowers flower earringswhich flower earringshave flower earringsa flower earringshand flower earringscut flower earringsand flower earringsembossed flower earringssilver flower earringsleaf flower earringsdangling flower earringsfrom flower earringsthe flower earringsflower flower earringsbase.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Measure flower earringsapprox flower earrings4cm flower earringslong flower earringsfrom flower earringstop flower earringsear flower earringswire flower earringscurve9mm flower earringswide flower earringsacross flower earringsflower flower earringsmiddle

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