Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sfetsy team, STELLA - Sterling Silver and Brass Earrings



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Hand sfetsy teamcut sfetsy teamsterling sfetsy teamsilver sfetsy teamand sfetsy teambrass sfetsy teamearrings sfetsy teamare sfetsy teamdesigned sfetsy teamand sfetsy teaminspired sfetsy teamwith sfetsy teamArt sfetsy teamDeco sfetsy teamin sfetsy teammind. sfetsy teamEarn sfetsy teamposts sfetsy teamare sfetsy teamsterling sfetsy teamsilver. sfetsy teamDimensions sfetsy teamare sfetsy team2" sfetsy teamtall sfetsy teamand sfetsy team1 sfetsy team1/2" sfetsy teamwide.All sfetsy teamjewelry sfetsy teamand sfetsy teamcomponents sfetsy teamare sfetsy teamdesigned sfetsy teamand sfetsy teamhandmade sfetsy teamwith sfetsy teamlove. sfetsy teamEach sfetsy teamjewelry sfetsy teamis sfetsy teammailed sfetsy teamin sfetsy teama sfetsy teambox sfetsy teamready sfetsy teamfor sfetsy teamgift sfetsy teamgiving. sfetsy team\u2665Click sfetsy teamhere sfetsy teamto sfetsy teamview sfetsy teammore sfetsy teamof sfetsy teammy sfetsy teamearring sfetsy teamcollection: sfetsy teamhttp://www./shop/bunnyconedesigns?section_id=5468774Thanks sfetsy teamfor sfetsy teamlooking!Like sfetsy teamme sfetsy teamon sfetsy teamFacebook: sfetsy team sfetsy teamFollow sfetsy teamme sfetsy teamon sfetsy teamInstagram: sfetsy team

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