Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

anniversary, Vintage double strand 16" choker 89 baroque cultured gray pearl 14k white gold filigree clasp



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Stunning classiccultured classicpearl classicdouble classicstrand classicchoker classicnecklace classicknotted classicwith classic14Kt classicwhite classicgold classicfiligree classicclasp. classic classicLength classic16.0". classic classicKnotted. classic classicPearls classicvary classicfrom classic7.50mm classicto classic8.50mm. classic classicPearls classicare classicgray classicwith classicmedium classicluster, classicmedium classicnacre, classicsemi-baroque, classicspotted classicwith classicfair classicuniformity. classic classicInformation classicfrom classicappraisal. classic classicAppraised classicvalue classic$800Beautiful, classicelegant, classicclassic!

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