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genuine, 14k Princess Cut 2.50Ctcw White Sapphire Earrings



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Straight princess cutoff princess cutthe princess cutpress!A princess cutlittle princess cutgrungy princess cutpicture, princess cutbut princess cutI princess cuthad princess cutno princess cuttime princess cutto princess cutlose!!These princess cutgenuine princess cut6x6mm princess cut=1.25ct princess cutprincess princess cutcut princess cutWhite princess cutSapphire princess cutearrings princess cutareabsolutely princess cutbeautiful.These princess cutSapphires princess cutare princess cutset princess cutin princess cut14k princess cutsolid princess cutwhite princess cutgold princess cut princess cut"V" princess cutsetting princess cutto princess cutprotect princess cutthe princess cutcorners princess cutof princess cutthe princess cutsapphires princess cutand princess cutare princess cutalso princess cutSCREW princess cutBACK princess cutto princess cutinsure princess cutyou princess cutwill princess cutnot princess cutbe princess cutlikely princess cutto princess cutloose princess cutthem.Stunning princess cutbrilliance princess cutand princess cutshine.Eye princess cutclean.Carat princess cutsize princess cutper princess cutSapphire princess cuteach princess cutis princess cut1.25Color:DClarity: princess cutVVS/IFCan princess cutbe princess cutset princess cutalso princess cutin princess cutyellow princess cutgold princess cutand princess cutrose princess cutgold.Layaway princess cutavailable

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