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brooch, Aurora Borealis and Rhinestone Cluster Brooch Pin Vintage



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This broochis broocha broochreally broochlovely broochand broochunique broochvintage broochbrooch.The broochbrooch broochis broocha broochcluster broochof broochAurora broochBorealis broochbeads broochthat broochare broochoctahedron broochand broochfaceted broochsphere broochshaped. broochThe broochends broochof broochthe broochbeads broochhave broochprong broochset broochround broochrhinestones. broochThe broochAurora broochBorealis broochbeads broochare broochclear broochwith broocha broochlovely broochiridescent broochcoating broochto broochthem broochgiving broochthe broochpendant broocha broochbeautiful broochsparkle. broochThe broochback broochof broochthe broochbrooch broochis broochsilver broochtone broochmetal broochwith broocha broochtextured broochfinish. broochIt broochhas broocha broochswinging broocharm broochwith broocha broochrolling broochlock broochclasp. broochMeasures broochabout brooch2 brooch1/4" broochlong. broochThis broochpiece broochis broochin broochgreat broochvintage broochcondition.*We broochare broochalways broochwilling broochto broochship broochinternationally. broochPlease broochmessage broochus broochfor broocha broochquote!

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