Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hand drawn, Bitty Kitty Necklace



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Let adorablethe adorabletiniest adorablekitty adorablecome adorablealong adorablewith adorableyou adorableon adorableyour adorabledaily adorableadventures. adorableThis adorable adorablependant adorableis adorablemade adorablefrom adorablepolystyrene adorableplastic adorableand adorablemeasures adorableapproximately adorable.5" adorablewide adorableby adorable.25" adorabletall. adorableThe adorablechain adorableit adorablehangs adorablefrom adorableis adorableabout adorable18." adorableIt adorablewill adorablebe adorableshipped adorableto adorableyou adorablein adorablea adorablelittle adorablebox adorableinside adorablea adorablebubble adorablemailer adorableto adorableavoid adorabledamage adorableto adorablethe adorableitem.

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