Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, Red Sweet Heart Love Token Hand Embroidered Pendant Necklace



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Lovely hand stitchednecklace hand stitchedhand hand stitchedstitched hand stitchedheart hand stitchedonto hand stitchedcream hand stitchedcotton hand stitchedfabric hand stitchedwith hand stitchedred hand stitchedthread. hand stitchedThe hand stitchedhand hand stitchedembroidered hand stitchedpendant hand stitchedhangs hand stitchedfrom hand stitcheda hand stitchedsilver hand stitchedsnake hand stitchedchain hand stitchedthat hand stitchedmeasures hand stitched22 hand stitchedinches hand stitchedin hand stitchedlength, hand stitchedthe hand stitchedpendant hand stitchedmeasures hand stitched1 hand stitched1/4 hand stitchedinches hand stitchedacross hand stitchedand hand stitchedis hand stitchedmade hand stitchedof hand stitchedsilver hand stitchedcolored hand stitchedmetal.\rReady hand stitchedto hand stitchedship. hand stitchedPretty hand stitchedlove hand stitchedtoken hand stitchedor hand stitchedgift hand stitchedfor hand stitchedyourself.

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