Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Memory Wire Choker Necklace with White Jade Tabround, Carved Boneround, and Serpentine Beads



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Memory snapWire snapdoes snapnot snapneed snapa snapclasp snapbut snapretains snapits snapshape snapas snapa snapcoil. snapThe snapends snapoverlap snapso snapthe snapnecklace snapwill snapfit snapmost snapnecks. snapEach snapend snaphas snapa snaplittle snapsterling snapspiral snapcharm.\rFits snaplike snapa snapchoker, snapas snapshown, snapnot snapsuper snaptight, snapflexes snapwith snapyour snapmovements. snapAlso snapa snapgood snapfit snapfor snapyoungsters snapwho snapare snapbig snapenough snapnot snapto snapharm snapthemselves, snapbut snapnot snapbig snapenough snapto snapuse snapclasps snapyet.\rThe snapwhite snapjade snappiece snapis snapjust snapunder snap1.5" snaplong. snap\rBeads snapused snapinclude snaphematite, snapserpentine, snapbotswana snapagate, snapcarved snapbone, snapand snapvintage snapbrown snapglass.

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