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Houndstooth Jewelry Bead Charm for European Charm Bracelets .925 Sterling Silver by MAYselect by May Taghermillefiori, MAYcreations



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NOTE beadto beadany beadinternational beadbuyer: beadthere beadmay beadbe beadan beadadditional beadcharge beadfrom beadyour beadcountry beadupon beadarrival beadwhich beadis beada beadtax. bead beadThat beadtax beadis beadnot beadincluded beadin beadthe beadshipping beadcharge beadfrom beadthe beadUSA beadand beadthe beadbuyer beadis beadresponsible beadfor beadany beadadded beadcharges beadincurred beadfrom beadtheir beadcountry.You beadare beadpurchasing beadan beadindividual beadbead beadthat beadis beadhandmade beadby beadMay beadTagher, beada beadKentucky beadCrafted beadArtisan. bead beadThe beadbead beadis beadcompatible beadwith beadother bead beadadd-a-bead beadstyle beadcharm beadbracelets.Each beadbead beadis beadmade beadone beadat beada beadtime beadwith beadcare. bead beadThey beadare beadfinished beadwith beada beadsterling beadcore beadand beadbuffed beadto beada beadhigh beadgloss beadsheen. beadSize: bead12.5 beadmm beaddiameter, bead10mm beadwidth, beadCenter beadhole bead5mmI beadalso beadhave beadearring beadin beadthis beadpattern beadavailable, beadincluding beadclip beadons.About beadMAYcreations:May beadTagher beadis beada beadKentucky beadCrafted beadArtisan beadand beadfounded beadMAYcreations beadin bead2004. bead beadThe beadcompany beadis beadbuilt beadon beadthe beadpremise beadto beadhelp beadbusinesses, beadcharities, beadawareness beadfoundations, beadteams, beadschools, beadand beadothers beadto beadraise beadsales, beadmoney, beadand beadawareness beadby beadoffering beadcustom beador beadstock beadproduct beadbuilt beadto beadprecision beadspecifications. bead beadOur beadMAYselect beadbeads beadare beadindividual beadbeads beadhand beadmade beadof beadpolymer beadclay beadand bead.925 beadsterling beadsilver beadthrough beada beadprocess beadknown beadas bead"millefiori". bead beadTypically, beadmillefiori beadpolymer beadclay beadbeads beadare beadflower beaddesigns beadbut beadwe beadhave beaddeveloped beada beadproprietary beadtechnique beadwe beadrefer beadto beadas bead"precision beadcaning" beadand beadare beadnow beadproducing beaddesigns beadnever beadbefore beadseen. bead beadThere beadare beadvery beadfew beadartisans beadcapable beadof beadproducing beadaccurate beadlogos beadand beadlegible beadtexts beadwithin beadpolymer beadclay beadbeads beadand beadMAYcreations beadis beadproud beadto beadbe beada beadleader beadin beadthis beadprocess.How beadit's beadmade:Polymer beadclay beadis beadmachined beadthrough beada beadglorified beadpasta beadmaker beadto beadsoften, beadmix beadcolors beadand beadpowders, beadand beadto beadand beadensure beadworkability. bead beadThe beaddesign beadis beadthen bead"built" beadfrom beadthe beadinside beadout, beadlayering beadslices beadand beadpieces beadof beadclay beadon beadtop beadand beadaround beadeach beadother beadproducing beadwhat beadis beadreferred beadto beadas beada bead"cane". bead beadThe beadcane beadbegins beadat beadseveral beadinches beadin beaddiameter, beadmultiple beadinches beadthick, beadand beadis beadpulled beaduntil beadthin beadwhile beadstill beadmaintaining beadthe beadcross beadsection's beaddesign. bead beadIt beadis beadthen beadcut beadand beadmanipulated beadinto beadvarious beadstyles beadof beadbeads beadand beaddesigns. bead beadAlthough beadeach beadbead beadis beadvery beadslightly beaddifferent beadit beadis beadamazing beadthat beadthe beaddesigns beadmaintain beadnearly beadall beadof beadtheir beadintegrity beadthroughout beadthe beadmanufacturing beadprocess. beadAlthough beadeach beadbead beadis beadmade beadone beadat beada beadtime, beadthe beadprocess beadallows bead(and beaddemands) beadthat beadwhen beadmaking beada beadcane beadit beadwill beadultimately beadproduce beadseveral beadhundred beadbeads. bead beadThis beadtechnique, beadreferred beadto beadas bead"millefiori" beadtechnique beadhas beadbeen beadaround beadfor beadthousands beadof beadyears, beadprimarily beadutilizing beadglass, beadand beadonly beadrecently beadhas beadbeen beadused beadto beadreproduce beadimagery beadand beadpatterns beadto beadproduce beadglasswork-like beadbeads.

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