Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage jewelry, Vintage Cameo Earrings by Coro -- Black and White Cameos with Sparkling Rhinestone Frames



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These 1960s 60ssweet 1960s 60slittle 1960s 60scameos 1960s 60sare 1960s 60sframed 1960s 60swith 1960s 60sso 1960s 60smuch 1960s 60ssparkle! 1960s 60sThey 1960s 60sare 1960s 60sin 1960s 60swonderful 1960s 60scondition 1960s 60swith 1960s 60svery 1960s 60slittle 1960s 60ssigns 1960s 60sof 1960s 60swear. 1960s 60sSigned 1960s 60s"Coro".\r\rPlease 1960s 60sconvo 1960s 60sme 1960s 60swith 1960s 60sany 1960s 60squestions 1960s 60sthat 1960s 60syou 1960s 60smay 1960s 60shave. 1960s 60sThanks 1960s 60sfor 1960s 60slooking!

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