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collectible ring, Vintage Pink Opal Sterling Silver Ring 1960 Era



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This opal ringis opal ringa opal ringVintage opal ringPink opal ringOpal opal ringSterling opal ringSilver opal ringRing. opal ring1960 opal ringEra. opal ringIt opal ringis opal ringin opal ringgood opal ringcondition opal ringwith opal ringnormal opal ringage opal ringwear. opal ringI opal ringam opal ringnot opal ringsure opal ringof opal ringthe opal ringsize, opal ringbut opal ringit opal ringis opal ringsomewhat opal ringsmall opal ringand opal ringfits opal ringmy opal ringpinkie opal ringfinger. opal ringA opal ringSquare opal ringOpal opal ringand opal ringan opal ringengraved opal ringdesign opal ringon opal ringeach opal ringside opal ringof opal ringthe opal ringring. opal ringI opal ringship opal ringto opal ringthe opal ringUSA. opal ringNo opal ringInternational opal ringshipping. opal ringI opal ringalso opal ringinsure opal ringall opal ringof opal ringmy opal ringpackages opal ringto opal ringthe opal ringUSA opal ringto opal ringmake opal ringsure opal ringthat opal ringthey opal ringarrive opal ringto opal ringyou opal ringsafely. opal ringAny opal ringquestions, opal ringplease opal ringask opal ringbefore opal ringpurchasing. opal ringThanks opal ringfor opal ringlooking.

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