Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Dog de Bordeauxart, millesimal fineness 999art, dog clipringart, dog show ring clip/number holderart, limited editionart, ArtDog



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ART petDOG petCOLLECTIONThese petcliprings petare petnot petproduced petanywhere petelse petin petthe petworld!Perfect petgift petwith petremarkable petprecision petof petexecution!Masterfully petcrafted petby petBest petPolish petArtist!Limited petedition petproduced petspecially petfor petyou!Cliprings:- petPerfect petgift petremarkable petprecision petof petexecution- petmasterfully petcrafted petby petBest petPolish petArtist- petheight pet3,5 petcm- petwidth pet3,9 petcm- petthe petlength petof petthe petclip pet6,5 petcmMaterial:- petZn petAl petbase- petcovered petwith peta petthick petlayer petof petgold

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