Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

flower charm, Ashley Charm: Lovely coral Lucite flower charm with golden Swarovski crystal center on antique brass ring - Add a Charm



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GUARANTEED nature pendantHANDMADE: nature pendantAll nature pendantmy nature pendantjewelry nature pendantis nature pendantdesigned nature pendantand nature pendantcreated nature pendantby nature pendantmy nature pendanthands.Pink nature pendantcoral nature pendantLucite nature pendantflower nature pendantwith nature pendantSwarovski nature pendantcrystal nature pendantaccent nature pendantand nature pendantantique nature pendantbrass nature pendantbead nature pendantcap nature pendantcharm nature pendantdangles nature pendantfrom nature pendantclosed nature pendantring. nature pendantBeautiful nature pendantfor nature pendantspring!The nature pendantname nature pendantAshley nature pendantis nature pendantof nature pendantEnglish nature pendantorigin nature pendantand nature pendantmeans nature pendant"lives nature pendantin nature pendantan nature pendantash nature pendanttree nature pendantgrove".Please nature pendantconvo nature pendantme nature pendantwith nature pendantany nature pendantquestions!

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