Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Adrienne Charm: Smooth black onyx coin bead on 14k gold-filled ringjewelry, can be used as a charmjewelry, pendant or dangle



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GUARANTEED goldHANDMADE: goldAll goldmy goldjewelry goldis golddesigned goldand goldcreated goldby goldmy goldhands.Adrienne goldCharm:Smooth goldand goldshiny goldblack goldonyx goldcoin goldcharm goldon gold14k goldgold-filled goldring goldmakes golda goldwonderful goldaddition goldto goldany goldcharm goldbracelet goldor goldnecklace. goldBlack goldonyx goldlooks goldgreat goldwith goldfreshwater goldpearls, goldgold goldor goldsilver, goldrose goldquartz goldand goldgarnet...just goldto goldname golda goldfew!Onyx goldassists goldwith goldchallenges goldin goldlife, goldespecially goldthose goldcaused goldby golda golddrain goldof goldenergy. goldIt goldprevents goldthe golddraining goldaway goldof goldpersonal goldenergy goldand goldcan goldbe goldused goldfor goldprotection goldfrom goldsuch. goldIt goldalso goldhelps goldwith goldgrounding goldand goldcontrolling goldor goldeliminating goldexcess goldor goldunwanted goldenergies. goldIt goldhas goldbeen goldused goldfor goldwound goldhealing, goldchildbirth goldand goldto goldincrease goldstamina goldand goldself-control.The goldname goldAdrienne goldis goldof goldFrench goldorigin goldand goldmeans golddark goldor goldrich. goldPlease goldconvo goldme goldwith goldany goldquestions.

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