Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white, The Little Acorn Sterling Silver Glass and Crystal Necklace



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This bead capdelicate bead capnecklace bead capfeatures bead capa bead capcut bead capglass bead capbead bead capcapped bead capby bead capa bead capvintage bead capwhite bead capglass bead capor bead capporcelain bead capcup bead capand bead captopped bead capwith bead capa bead capcrystal bead capspacer bead capand bead capanother bead capsmall bead capglass bead capbead. bead capThe bead capwhite bead capbead bead capcap bead capshows bead capsome bead capwear. bead capThe bead capcute bead capacorn-shaped bead cappendant bead caphangs bead capfrom bead capa bead capvintage bead capItalian bead capsterling bead capsilver bead cap16" bead capchain. bead capIt bead capcan bead capbe bead capreplaced bead capwith bead capa bead capshiny bead capnew bead cap16" bead capor bead cap18" bead capchain bead capon bead caprequest.

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