Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

plum, Sterling Silver Ear Threads with 6mm Lepidolite or Purple Charoite and Crystal Beads



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Sara plumJewelry plumDesign. plum6mm plumpurple plumlepidolite--also plumknown plumas plumRussian plumcharoite-- plumrounds plumare plumseparated plumby plumplum plumcrystals plumand plumsuspended plumfrom plumwire-formed plumgeometric plumsterling plumshapes plumattached plumto plumear plumthreads. plumDangle plumis plum1-3/4 pluminches, plumor plum44mm, plumand plumyou plumcan plumslide plumthe plumthreads plumto plumany plumlength plumyou plumlike.I plumwill plumship plumthese plumto plumyou plumthe plumnext plumbusiness plumday plumvia plumUSPS plumfirst plumclass plummail plumwith pluma plumdelivery plumconfirmation plumnumber. plumIF plumYOU plumNEED plumEXPRESS plumMAIL plumSHIPPING, plumplease plumcontact plumme plumfirst plumwith plumyour plumZIP plumcode plumfor pluma plumshipping plumquote.Sara plumJewelry plumDesign. plumYour plumDesire plumis plumOur plumDesign.

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