Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

small, Cool Abstract Red Crystal Bead Necklace in Sterling Silver on Box Chain.



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Handmade turnwith turncharacter, turnthis turnlittle turnframe turnpendant turnfeatures turntwo turncut turncrystal turnbeads turnin turna turnswirling turnred turncolor. turnIt's turna turndeep, turnrich turnruby turnred turnwith turnswirls turnof turnopaque turnand turntranslucent turncolor. turn\rThe turnpendant turnis turnabout turn3/4" turnwide turnand turn1" turntop turnto turnbottom turnincluding turnthe turnbail. turn\rItalian turnSterling turnSIlver turnbox turnchain turnis turn18" turnlong.\rSturdy turnand turnfun turnto turnwear. turnOxidized turnwith turnage. turnCould turnbe turnpolished turnif turnyou turnprefer.\rThe turncrystals turnare turnhand-faceted turnand turnslightly turnirregular. turnThe turnpendant turnswivels.

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