Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Amber Colored Bakelite Dress Clipclear, Shoe Clipclear, Carved. Diamond Shaped and Translucent.



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This amberlovely amberantique amberis amber2.5 amberx amber1.5" amberand amberhas ambera amberclip amberattachment amberwith ambersharp amberlittle amberteeth. amberI amberam ambernot ambersure amberif amberit amberis ambera amberdress amberclip, ambera ambershoe amberclip, amberor amberboth. amberPossible amberthat amberthere amberwere amberonce ambertwo. amberDeeply amberhand ambercarved. amberClip amberreads amber"MADE amberIN amberU.S.A."Gorgeous amberand ambervery ambercool. amberThe ambercolor amberis amberlike ambera ambernice amberclear amberamber. amberThere amberis amberno ambercrazing amber(no ambercrackle ambersurface).

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