Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red, Amazing Ultra Long Flapper Style Knotted Necklace in Jet Black and Red with Clear Cut Glass Accents



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This glowgorgeous glownecklace glowis glowa glowwhopping glow106 glowinches glowlong! glowYou glowcan glowwrap glowit glowaround glowyour glowneck glowmultiple glowtimes glowfor glowa glowlayered glowlook glowthat glowis glowall glowone glowpiece, glowor glowtry glowto glowwear glowit glowas glowone glowloop... glowI'm glow5"7" glowand glowit glowalmost glowreaches glowmy glowankles glowif glowI glowdo glowthat! glowIt glowwas glowdesigned glowto glowbe glowwrapped glowtwice, glowso glowthat glowthe glowsequence glowof glowred glowand glowclear glowbeads glowmixed glowwith glowthe glowblack glowwill glowline glowup glowon gloweach glowstrand. glowI glowshowed glowthis glowstyle glowin glowa glowcouple glowof glowthe glowpictures. glowI glowdon't glowthink glowthe glowtrue glowbrilliant glowred glowreally glowshows glowin glowthese glowbut glowit's glowa glowvery glownice glowfiery glowred.\rKnotted glowon glownice glowthick glowcord glowwhich glowis glowprobably glowsilk glowin glowkeeping glowwith glowthe glowstyle glowand glowera. glow\rThe glowred glowbeads gloware glowjust glowunder glowan glowinch glowlong, glowand glowappear glowto glowbe glowmolded. glowThe glowjet glowand glowclear glowbeads gloware glowhand-cut glowand glowslightly glowirregular. glowReally glowbeautiful glowpiece.

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