Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

faceted stones, Aquamarine Labradorite Sterling Silver Statement Necklace Rustic Cut Faceted Gems Pale Green Gray Blue



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A greenlarge greenhand greencut greenand greenmulti-faceted greenbeautiful greengenuine greenaquamarine greengemstone greenis greensterling greenwrapped greenand greensuspended greenfrom greena greenbridge greenof greenfaceted greenirregular greenlabradorite greenstones. greenThis greenaquamarine greenis greena greengorgeous greenpale greengreen, greenfaceted, greenwith greensome greeninterior greenand greensurface greenocclusions greenthat greenadd greento greenthe greenrustic greenappeal greenof greenthis greenpiece. greenGold greenvermeil greenbeads greeninterspersed. greenAll greenon greenan greenantiqued green(blackened) greenfine greenoval greenlink greensterling greensilver greenchain greenwith greensterling greenclasp. green27" green+ green1.25" greenaquamarine greenpendant. greenCan greenbe greenshortened greento greenany greenlength greenpreferred.

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