Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Wholesalehandmade jewelry, Old World Bronze reproduction of a Spanish Cob coin.



In stock



Even jewelrythough jewelrythe jewelryoriginal jewelrywas jewelrysilver jewelrywe jewelrymade jewelrythis jewelrycopy jewelryin jewelryBronze jewelrybecause jewelryit jewelryhas jewelrysuch jewelrya jewelrybeautiful jewelrypatina jewelryand jewelrywe jewelrylove jewelrythe jewelryway jewelryit jewelrylooks.Besides, jewelrywe jewelrycan jewelrykeep jewelrythe jewelryprice jewelrya jewelrywhole jewelrylot jewelryless jewelryexpensive!All jewelryjewelry jewelryand jewelrycomponents jewelryare jewelryhand jewelrymade jewelryin jewelryour jewelryown jewelryfamily jewelryshop jewelryhere jewelryin jewelrygood jewelryold jewelryArizona.Size:36mm jewelry jewelrydiameter(25.4mm jewelry= jewelry1inch)Item jewelry# jewelry9535Stock#0107Like jewelryour jewelryFacebook jewelrypage jewelry"OldWorldBronze" jewelryFollow jewelryus jewelryon jewelryTwitter jewelry& jewelryInstagram [email protected]

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